Welcome to ExpatWomen at Work, the first and only virtual co-working space for expat women 

Here is what you can do: 

Browse through our community

When you enter a co-working space in the country where you live, you meet a community of people. On our virtual co-working space, it is just the same: click on the map or use the search engine, adding a name or browsing through categories or locations. Have fun getting to know us!

Find your working partner

A co-working space is the perfect spot to identify a working partner. Many of the members of ExpatWomen at Work have already worked together  – building websites, translating, taking courses or coaching sessions, creating graphic images – and have been part of the Expatclic network for years. Others are newcomers and we welcome them in the spirit that has marked Expatclic since 2004 : Sharing and Support. If you have an idea and would like to launch it with someone, how about starting from here?

Get a piece of advice

What is the best place to get a piece of advice that the one where people are co-working? Are you about to relocate to Kampala, and you need to find out whether your job has a solid market there? Are you considering leaving your old job to set up a catering business in Doha and need to know how to go about it? Or would you simply like to know whether you need a special work permit to set up your business in Kuala Lumpur? Our members joined our virtual co-working space because they know how difficult it can be to relocate your work, so they are here to help.

Find the right professional for you

Co-working spaces always display a bulletin board where you can find the right professional for you. Here it’s just the same! Have you just relocated and need a specialist you don’t know where to find? A psychotherapist, an architect, a fitness trainer? All our members are trusted and verified professionals. By hiring them, you contribute to the development of expat women careers all over the world.

Do you have any question, doubt or curiosity? Drop us a line!
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