Hub Dot London – Womanhood – In All Its Wildness

As we welcome Spring, and a month very much dedicated to womenkind, we want to bring together our Hub Dot community to celebrate, rejuvenate and energise ourselves. And there’s no better place to meet. Within nature. A feast for our senses at The Garden Shop at Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden. An evening of storytelling […]

Professional identity

What is professional identity? How do we find it and maintain it? How do we bring it around in our multiple moves? A few days ago I led a group coaching session for the participants of my online course to build a portable career. I shared my insights on professional identity. I always like to start my […]

Portrait of a (Working) Mother

Marina Cavazza, Italian, and Eglė Kačkutė, Lithuanian, have many things in common. They are both expats in Geneva, where they settled to follow their husbands in a global leader fellowship they had won. They are both mothers and they are professionals: Marina is a free-lance photographer and Eglė is a researcher and journalist. They met […]

I created a Foundation in Colombia

I am full of interesting stories about my work. The one about me making a customer cry at a sustainable luxury goods fair during London Fashion Week is just one of them. I didn’t make the woman cry by telling her tales of woe about the impoverished Wayúu community that my foundation supports (although there […]