A Happy Expat Spouse

Whether it’s a first time move or one of many, every spouse faces personal challenges during the transition which are specific to expat life; loss of identity, lack of direction, loneliness… During this talk you’ll gain insights to help ease the adjustment into your new life, learn tools to deal with the unique challenges you’re faced with realize that you’re not […]

Professional identity

What is professional identity? How do we find it and maintain it? How do we bring it around in our multiple moves? A few days ago I led a group coaching session for the participants of my online course to build a portable career. I shared my insights on professional identity. I always like to start my […]

A biodanza session in London

At ExpatWomen at Work we like to offer concrete help to our members whenever possible. This time the occasion was my birthday, which I chose to celebrate in London. I invited Laura, an Italian biodanza teacher in London and member of ExpatWomen at Work, to give a biodanza session for my birthday. It was an opportunity for […]

Four career fields round table

Put a group of women together to chat, and you will have to put aside anything else because you’ll be barely able to leave the table. This is what happened yesterday morning during the “Four career fields” round table organized by ExpatWomen at Work. Four inspiring women shared their professional and life stories, their tricks […]