Setting up a home bakery in the UK

Setting up a home bakery in the UK

We thank Laura Giordano, Italian in the UK, for sharing her story of setting up a home bakery in the UK.


My name is Laura, I’m originally from Naples but have lived in Pisa for 10 years. I’ve always liked the UK and since I was a teenager my dream was to live here some day.

My last year in Italy was a disaster, so I decided to seize the day and travel to Yorkshire; I ended up in Wakefield. I’ve got two small dogs, which I had left with my parents, and my priority was to rent a pet friendly house and buy a car with which I’d bring them to Britain. It was my first driving experience on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. I remember hitting my right hand on the right side window every time I had to change gear!

Once in Italy, I packed a few things and came back to the UK, bringing with me my two lovely doggies. It was an amazing experience. My soul was relieved and I finally felt free.

I worked for a couple of years in a café. It was a great experience; I met lovely people and improved my English, although it was hard for me to understand the Yorkshire accent!

I’ve always liked cooking and baking, so I thought that was the right time to be my own boss and start up my business.

I enrolled in a food safety course online and after a few weeks I received my certificate. Then I registered my business, online and for free. In the UK the bureaucracy is fast and things can be done online.

I run my business on my own: I manage the orders, bake the products in my kitchen and deliver them.


I sell online ( and also at the open market in Wakefield.

My products reflect my Neapolitan origins, my living in Tuscany and what I think the best Italian products are according to my personal taste and experience.

I’ve started my business a couple of months ago, things are still a bit slow, but it’s normal. I’m very lucky, I’m surrounded and supported by amazing people.

I’d go through the experience again and again, I have no regrets. If you think it’s time for a change, just do it. And always think positive.

Positive thoughts bring positive results!


Laura Giordano
Wakefield, UK
January 2018


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