Pilates mama

Pilates mama

On 27th March, on a beautiful sunny day in Paris, a group of Italian women of the community of Expatclic.com met at Pause Poussette. We wanted to get to know each other, but also to give Claudia Mattana a chance to introduce her new project, Pilates Mama.


Claudia is a member of ExpatWomen at Work, and a wonderful Pilates trainer. For many years she lived in London, where she started a successful business as trainer in renowned London gyms. She was appreciated and in high demand. Then Cupid struck :-).  Claudia met her love in Paris, and decided to move to the City of Light, so she had to start it all from scratch, and we all know the difficulties this can entail. Just to name a few:

  • she had to introduce herself and convince gym’s owners that she is a great trainer to get a job
  • she had to find clients for her free-lance sessions
  • she had to face a new language (fortunately Claudia is a pro when it comes to languages, and her French quickly improved enough for her to lead a class)
  • she had to face a new culture: While she perfectly knew what jokes to crack in London to motivate her clients and make them sweat, in Paris these seemed not to work
  • she had given birth to two beautiful children, now aged 2 years and ½ and 5 months, and with a husband working full-time, she had to arrange a complicated schedule to fit everything in

Little by little Claudia worked on her new scenario and her professional offer. She realised that she could not keep on working while her baby is at home with her, so she decided to take him along. Her clients were mostly new mothers willing to get in shape after birth, and Claudia let them bring their babies, too. And because Paris is a vast city, Claudia decided to reach her clients at their homes, so that they could keep their babies with them and avoid the hustle of moving around.

This worked so well that Claudia decided to start her own business, Pilates Mama (check out and like her Facebook page here). She now successfully runs Pilates programmes for mothers who can’t leave their babies while practising, and teaches at clients’ homes. She brings her baby with her, and welcomes other babies, who are usually happy to listen to the music during the class, and to hear her voice while watching their moms do all those intricate moves 🙂

pilatesDuring our meeting in Paris, Claudia gave us a short Pilates class, and it was super. While mothers were following her clear and enthusing instructions, babies were laying on big pillows besides them, happy and interested; the older ones kept themselves busy with the toys that Pause Poussette offers. We were all fascinated by Claudia’s skills and by the warm and relaxed atmosphere she created.

Claudia currently works at a family gym in Paris and as a free-lancer Pilates trainer. You can see her profile here, and if you are in Paris, don’t hesitate to contact her or spread the voice. At ExpatWomen at Work we love to help each other and support expat women who bravely launch their free-lance careers when they relocate.

Pause Poussette is a lovely space in the heart of Paris where children from 0 to 10 years are welcome to play under the supervision on qualified personnel. Mothers or fathers can chat and relax enjoying a slice of cake or a juice. You can also rent the space for private purposes. Try it out! 

About Claudia Landini

Claudia is a certified intercultural trainer and life and mobile career coach with 28 years of experience abroad, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.