Take your career with you summit

Take your career with you summit

Women who engage in a mobile life learn quickly how to carve their own path even from a professional point of view. Mostly, they do it well ūüôā The “Take your career with you” summit organised by Dominika Miernik is a proof of that.

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You already know Dominika Miernik through her interview and because she is a member of our community. We are pleased to annouce that she is putting together an online event called Take Your Career With You Summit where experts (including myself) from around the world will share how you can build your portable career and business and have the best of your international life.

This lively and free event will bring together a panel of over 20 experts, including coaches, online entrepreneurs, six figures business owners, psychologists, expats, TEDx speakers, business mentors, expat entrepreneurs, digital nomads, travel bloggers and best-selling authors.

Together they share their knowledge and expertise in the areas of building a portable business and career, transformation, expat and digital nomad life, remote and location independent job opportunities.

So if are you thinking about creating a portable career or business which you can take with you wherever you want to live; if you are an expat/expat partner looking to build a portable career so you don’t have to reinvent yourself every time you move;¬†or if you are secretly dreaming of¬†quitting your 9 to 5 job, become a digital nomad and enjoy your location independent lifestyle:

join the summit and listen to the personal take me and many other like-minded professionals share on how to find your portable career idea.

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Our interviews will reveal:

  • How to find your own Portable Career or Business idea based on your skills, interests and talents
  • How to Reinvent your career and figure out what you really want to be doing
  • How to find a Remote Job, succeed in a video job interview so you can work from anywhere you want to live
  • How to Narrow Down your Many ideas and Finally know on which one to focus
  • Success strategies to get you market your portable career and attract your ideal clients
  • Actionable steps and daily routines to get you started and clear on your goals and help you move your portable career idea to a new level
  • And much more

This is going to be an exciting summit which will definitely help you gain new insights throughout its 14-day event.

Be aware that access to the summit information will not stay free. After the summit, you’ll need to pay¬†for the experts‚Äô insights, tools, and actionable steps that are available in their programs, books, and services. So don’t miss the opportunity to

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We wait for you,


Claudia Landini
November 2017





About Claudia Landini

Claudia is a certified intercultural trainer and life and mobile career coach with 28 years of experience abroad, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.