MomAboard by Kaamna

MomAboard by Kaamna

Today’s article is a special interview with Kaamna, the founder of MomABoard.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences abroad:

I grew up in Mumbai, India, and moved to the US for college and graduate school. As a child, we traveled extensively around the world with my parents and that wanderlust stayed with me as an adult. Fortunately, I married a man who has a similar love for exploring the world and in 2008 we had the opportunity to move to Sydney, Australia with his company. Our first child was born in Sydney, and although I had moved countries before, the experience of adjusting to a new culture with a child was quite different. There are new things you need to pay attention to and other things that used to matter that don’t anymore (like happy hour spots!). We sailed through and navigated through another move to San Francisco, where my second child was born, and the third one to London in 2013.

  1. You are the founder of Momaboard: can you tell us what is it and how it works?

As a third time expat, I knew I could offer a lot of assistance to moms moving around the world with their kids. I learned through my experience that housing and relocation companies help – but they don’t have those local insights and nuggets that local parents do: Which are the best playgrounds and recreation centers? What’s the inside scoop on the best schools and neighborhoods? What are the unspoken norms and expectations? I decided to start a service to connect relocating families with local moms – our “Mombassadors” – to make this extremely valuable information easily accessible to them. MomAboard was officially launched in September 2015 and offers trip planning assistance as well, to over 50 destinations around the world.

  1. Momaboard seems to come directly from your experience. How important is it in a business to pour direct experience and follow what you have been through? 

Kaamna.MomaboardMomAboard comes directly from my experiences for sure, but more importantly it comes from my passion. Having moved and traveled so often with my kids, I understand first-hand what the issues are and how to solve them. There are so many things we can do to make it easier for families. That being said, I couldn’t make MomAboard a success without my startup, product and marketing experience, and a fantastic team of engineers so having real business experience is vital as well.

  1. What are your main clients at Momaboard? 

Our clients come from all over the world. They are families who are moving to places like London that are plain overwhelming in their choices, and others who are moving to cities like Abu Dhabi and New Delhi, which are harder to navigate culturally and where it may be harder to make friends. Since we offer the opportunity to meet the local Mombassador, it’s always comforting for families to know one reliable person on the ground. We also cover basics such as service providers, doctors and car retailers as applicable so anyone moving can actually find our services valuable.

On the trip side, we get a ton of requests for multi-city itineraries to Europe, with Paris being our top destination. Since our itineraries are completely customized, they are great for families who are traveling to a city for the first time with their kids, have children of disparate ages or are on a multi-generational trip. We also get really specific requests: the best kid-friendly breweries in Belgium, or Florence for a child with a severe dairy allergy. Our Mombassadors are all trained and commission-free to so the quality of each itinerary is top! We are moms – we know what moms want – reliable, unbiased and valuable information – that’s what we try to provide.

  1. Is it possible to become a Momambassador, and how? 

Absolutely! We are adding new Mombassadors every day to our growing roster of 50. If you love your city and love helping people navigate around it, and if you’d like to make a little extra money, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill in the form here:

Let MomAboard help you plan your next move or trip!

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