Daisy Roots

I’ve never really considered myself to be an expat, although I suppose I’ve been one my entire life. I was born in Argentina but due to my father’s work ended up moving between South America and Germany throughout my childhood, which was rather multilingual. I started off with Spanish and German and later added English, […]

A Healthier Life Fundraising Campaign

Expatclic, the “big sister” of Expat Women at Work, is a multilingual and multicultural global platform where expat women worldwide can find support in their relocations. It is a virtual meeting place of convivial chatter, hard facts, soul searching, first-hand accounts, and shared triumph. It accompanies expat women in all phases of their life abroad – […]

How To Conquer The Feeling Of Not Being Good Enough

In this article you’ll discover 5 techniques for defeating your fear of not being good enough and dealing with situations that make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, Claudia Landini – cross-cultural coach and founder of Expatclic – shares her own experiences of this. You can find the full version of the interview with Claudia in the book Master the Art of Life, […]

Mental skills for your public speaking

Article written by Minie Minarelli, mental coach for musicians, singers, actors, performers at www.mimiconsulting.com Public speaking varies enormously, depending on the kind of job, audience or speech: it might be a convention, where the speaker is invited to present a specific topic in front of an audience of his peers; or it may be a […]