I am an Italian living in London. I started as a physiotherapist and therapist of psychomotricity in Italy in 1984. In 1996 I moved abroad: Brazil, Colombia, Australia, UK. In SouthAmerica I started practising Biodanza, I stepped into holistic studies and I approched indigenous healing ways. I had the privilege of training in a three-year Biodanza School in the home of music, dance and sensuality: Brazil. Believing in International Cooperation, I participated in several health and social international projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Brazil; here I collaborated with a local NGO as a Biodanza teacher in “favelas” with children and in a health center with a group of women. My aim with biodanza is to get over the body-mind dualism, facilitating people to integrate their body movement and mind process through emotional expression and affective imprint, using special music; to also help people to develop their health and wellbeing, to make new friends and to integrate more easily in the new country in a kind and joyfull way. In London I led my first biodanza group for six months supporting earthquake relief efforts in Italy. Now I would like to launch a new biodanza group for expat people.