I’m a self-employed linguist, holding conferences, training courses and consultant services on the topics of multilingualism and language learning. I also work as a freelance certified Italian teacher.

During my conferences I help people to recognize the benefits of multilingualism, and to find out useful strategies to manage and promote it both at school and in the family. I teach educators and professionals how to create an environment that encourages multilingualism and multiculturalism. I underline the importance of maintaining the mother tongue and I teach effective strategies for learning other languages. I also support and assist families who move around the world for different reasons and raise their children with more than one language.

I was born and raised in Italy and I discovered my deep passion for foreign languages quite early in life. During my educational years I spent two years in Germany, two years in Spain, 8 months in France, attended different courses in other countries and I’ve been living in Austria since 2011.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a Master Degree in Linguistics. September 2013 I gained my PhD in Linguistics, and then specialized on the topic of multilingualism.