Italian Excellence ltd.

Italian, architect, mother of three, owner and founder of an HK company, I love my life in the Far East! Having lived in Switzerland for several years, and dwelling in Hong Kong since two years, my ability to understand different cultures has developed to the fullest, getting in touch with people and habits from all over the world. My vision starts from this point: to make Italy visible in a fascinating market which is in turn fascinated by the image of a country as far away and as attractive as Italy. Sure, in HK Italy is famous for food, wine and fashion, but they are not familiar with the country. The company I found is the key. My project is really ambitious and I love the challenges!
HK is where West meets East, tradition meets future. It is the right place at the right moment, for me and my family. I’m here with three  teenagers kids giving them the possibility to have a window on the world, my husband and our cat.
As woman, I’m proud to be in the Committee Board of The Italian Women’s Association in Hong Kong, organizing charity events as well as social events, all recognized by the local administration.