I’m an Italian photographer and architect based in London since 2017. Since moving from Italy, I have had great opportunities to present my artworks at important events hosted by art institutions like The Royal Academy of Arts and to work together with big companies like the BBC. I work mainly with therapeutic and emotional photography and coaching, helping people see themselves and start their life journey towards awareness and transformation. I do one-to-one sessions, workshops and bespoke projects. Two years ago I decided to stop working in architecture and to start following my deep passion: photography. It was a big challenge and now I’m really happy because I can thoroughly enjoy what I do. Next to my work, I develop my personal artistic projects and I organize exhibitions and experiential art events. My artistic projects are the mirror of what I’m living, learning, feeling, enjoying during my life journey and all this is what I want to share with others through my images and my stories. My dream is to create art events (that mainly involve performance and art) that will help people see and experience themselves, the relationships with others and the world in a new and positive way. Another dream is to go to live and work in New York!