My name is Claudia, I am Italian, I spent half my life in Italy, and the other half (the nicest one) abroad, in 9 countries on 5 continents. I originally trained myself to be an interpreter (in English and German), but my wandering life revealed other passions, so in 2004 I gave a turn to my professional life by becoming cross-cultural trainer and working on intercultural training and welcome relocating expats.
I am the founder and manager of, an international website that supports expat women of all nationalities in their transitions, all over the world, and of ExpatWomen at Work, the platform you find yourself on, and other expat-related online projects.
I am a certified intercultural trainer and have welcomed dozens of managers and their families in Peru, Indonesia and Italy.
After years of listening to women’s problems in their transitions, and helping them to find solutions, I decided to train myself to become a cross-cultural and transitional coach.
Today I coach women and men in all sorts of transitions, with a special focus on portable careers, and I give online courses on a variety of topics related to mobile life. Besides, of course, continuing the coordination of