Fruits&Veggies for fun: the portable work of Giorgia

Fruits&Veggies for fun: the portable work of Giorgia

Giorgia D’Errico is the founder of Fruits&Veggies for fun, a project aimed at encouraging parents to include fruits and vegetables in the diet of their children.

Giorgia is an environmental engineer who has been following her husband all over the world. France, Indonesia, Singapore and now Puerto Rico are the destinations that have marked her life in recent years.

Up until arriving in Puerto Rico, Giorgia managed to find employment in her field – with a bit of flexibility, of course.

In the “Island of Enchantment” though, she did not have a working visa. Procedures to get one were so lengthy that it only arrived when she was pregnant with her second daughter, and not ready to start a job search.

puerto ricoThis was not all negative, though. Giorgia has been passionate about healthy food for quite a while  and she thought she might use the occasion to seriously consider shifting career.

She worked on her passion and structured a project. Aware of the importance of supporting parents in including fruits and vegetables in the family diet, but also of the difficulties they sometime encounter in doing so, she decided to design supporting programs both for parents and their children.

Through Fruits&Veggies for fun she organizes courses and conferences for parents, teaching them fun and playful techniques to involve children in a healthy diet, and talking about the importance of introducing lots of fruits and vegetables in the family daily meals.

She reaches children through the schools. She has set up a model of workshop that uses games and interactive explanations to bring them to taste new food, which they often refuse to do at home.

Knowing that most communication happens on Facebook in Puerto Rico, Giorgia has opened a Fruits&Veggies for fun page to be able to show what she does and what her offer is.

However, she also personally contacts the schools and talks to the parents she knows. As in many other working fields, networking is essential to develop her project.
puerto ricoGiorgia is happy with what she has created, and she will certainly put the project in her suitcase next summer, when she leaves Puerto Rico, and take it out in her next destination.

In her nicest dreams, she will leave Fruits&Veggies for fun in Puerto Rico in the hands of someone as passionate as her, and launch it anew wherever she happens to land.

She is aware that the project will have to adapt to the local culture and to the real needs of the population. But she also knows that by studying the culinary habits of a country, she will speed up the process of getting to know it inside out. And this is what she is so passionate about her nomadic life and her portable work.

Giorgia has now become a certified Health Coach.

We wish you all the best Giorgia, have fun with fruits, veggies and new discoveries in the world!

Claudia Landini
November 2018
Photo Credit ©GiorgiaD’Errico

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