What is ExpatWomen at Work?

It is a communitarian virtual co-working space where all professional women working outside of their passport country can find support, interaction, visibility and interesting initiatives.

What are the advantages of being a member?

As a member, you can post your profile and gain visibility online, use our software for your online webinars, advertise your business and products on our FB page and our newsletter, and your events on the platform, besides gaining access to our Linkedin group, which gathers women working from all over the world.

You will be part of a community of professionals who are familiar with the complexity of working abroad and can perfectly understand your challenges. You can build projects or long-lasting partnerships with them, because you share a common ground.

How do I become a member?

You simply have to fill up this form and send us a head photo at this address: expatwomenatwork@expatclic.com We’ll upload your profile and add you to our FB group.

Do I have to pay to become a member of ExpatWomen at Work?

Not for the time being, and we hope to be able to keep the platform free. However, if you can do a small donation, that would greatly help us cover all the costs connected to keeping the platform alive.

How does ExpatWomen at Work help my career?

By giving you visibility on the web
By putting you in contact with like-minded professionals
By assisting you in your career-related problems
By informing you through its articles, podcasts, and webinars
By putting you in contact with professionals of your same sector but in other countries, or in the country where you happen to live at the moment

How do I advertise on the platform?

It depends on what you want to advertise. If it is an event (webinar, conference, workshop, book launch, etc.), you can send us the details and we’ll post it on our FB page and in our Linkedin group. If you are launching a new product or service, you can send us the details and we can add it to your profile and in our monthly newsletter. If you feel like writing an article to promote your professional image, business, products or services, get in touch with us.

What does “Rent a meeting room” mean?

We have a software to give webinars and online meeting, which can host up to 25 persons at a time. As a member you are welcome to use it, but we ask you for a voluntary donation in return, to help us partially cover the cost of this high quality software.

What do I have to do if I want to rent a meeting room?

Just click on “Rent a meeting room” and fill up the form. We’ll get in touch with you soon.

How can I contact other members of the community?

You can do so from their profiles. To find a profile, go to Community and use the Search to find whom you are looking for. Or you can contact us, and we'll gladly put you in touch.

What are the other projects mentioned in the menu?

ExpatWomen at Work is a project created by Expatclic.com, an international platform that was launched in 2004 to support expat women and their families in their relocations all over the world. Expatclic.com has also created ExpatBooks (a virtual library), What Expats Can Do, (a project to motivate expats to increase empathy and hope in their lives and community), and Expatatable, where culture and food meet. 

What if I need to change my profile?

Just drop us a line and we’ll add the required changes.

Can I write an article for ExpatWomen at Work even if I am not a member?

Sure, as far as it is not an article aimed only at promoting your product or service. If you are not a member and want to publish an article, you can certainly put your website or blog in the signature, but we ask you to write about an aspect that can be helpful to women who want to develop their careers abroad.