The first virtual co-working space for expat women

The first virtual co-working space for expat women

Claudia Landini has created several projects during her life abroad. She is especially fond of networks. In 2004 she launched, followed by various satellite projects. ExpatWomen at Work is one of these. Claudia explains how it works and how you can benefit from it. 


Statistics say that co-working spaces all over the world are on the increase. The new concept of using a common space to work has met the favour of entrepreneurs and digital nomads alike. Using a co-working space means much more than simply having a physical space to sit with a computer and surf the net. It means to find a place where like-minded people go, where one can meet and exchange stimulating professional experiences, but also find news about interesting work events, read inspiring material and, if needed, rent a place to promote an initiative or organize workshops and other events.

Women like me, who constantly move from one country to another, have grown used to resort to the Internet in many more occasions than their counterparts who steadily live in the same country do. And this includes looking for groups, spaces, forums and networks that can constitute solid and enriching points in their nomadic lives.

virtual co-working spaceThough nowadays there are plenty of Facebook groups and virtual networks, the concept of a virtual co-working space has barely been explored.

In 2004 I created, a comprehensive online platform that provides support in many forms to expat women all over the world. While at the beginning of my work in this project expat women were more concerned with getting practical information like schooling, health, and safety for their families, with time the focus has gradually shifted on different issues. One of these, and the more urgent I would say, is the professional identity of the woman who follows her partner in his/her career abroad.

That is why I decided to create another space to meet the needs of expat women who did not want to give up their careers when moving abroad. My idea was to provide a platform specifically for professional expat women, where they could gather from wherever they are, and exchange experiences, know-how, information, but also connect with potential working partners, and showcase their professional profiles and advertise their events and initiatives.

At one point it became clear that with ExpatWomen at Work we had created the first virtual co-working space, because we were doing exactly what physical co-working spaces do for their visitors. Only, we did it virtually.

At ExpatWomen at Work, like in any traditional co-working space, you can:

  • check the bulletin board: we have an event calendar that shows many events both organised by our members and of general interest for professional expat women;
  • have a coffee: we can’t provide a warm drink, but we welcome anyone to our Facebook Group and Facebook Page, where we have high quality conversations on many aspects of mobile life;
  • read a magazine: we strive to provide high quality articles on several aspects of being a professional abroad – from visa issues to multiple career experiences, our magazine is rich, varied and entertaining;
  • advertise your products, services, initiatives, all for free. Any member can send us information about the event they want to advertise, and it will be added to our calendar;
  • meet like-minded professionals: our community is made up exclusively of women who work abroad, and know perfectly well what it means to maintain a dignified job abroad or carry your work in your suitcase around the world. You can contact them any time through their profiles;
  • rent a working space: so much is done virtually nowadays – meetings, webinars, lessons, roundtables… Not everyone though wants to pay an annual membership to a software for online meeting. ExpatWomen at Work can lend hers. So if you need a virtual space just for once, you can walk into our virtual co-working space and rent it.

We are passionate about this project that brings together so many expat professional women from all over the world, and that makes our experiences abroad even richer.


Claudia Landini
Founder + ExpatWomen at Work


About Claudia Landini

Claudia is a certified intercultural trainer and life and mobile career coach with 28 years of experience abroad, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.