Career transition: The first 3 steps to create your nomadic career

Career transition: The first 3 steps to create your nomadic career

Delphine Boileau-Terrien is the founder of the Femmes & Hommes de challenges method. She has helped hundreds of women all over the world to transition in a new career by launching their enterprise. She currently lives in Belgium after more than ten years abroad, in China and the United States.

In this article she tells us about career transition and suggests the first three steps to create a nomadic career.


One, or maybe the best option to feel professionally fullfilled when you follow your partner abroad, is to create your own nomadic career.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or to have entrepreneurs in your family or within your friends. You do not need to know how social networks and other techniques on the Internet work. All this you can learn.

What you really need to start is the desire not to have to professionally start from scratch every time you relocate to a new country, and the wish to create a career that makes you feel useful and centered.

Based on my own experience and on what I have been suggesting for more than six years, I share the first 3 steps to create a nomadic career.

What do you like to do ?

nomadic careerIt all starts from this. You have to allow yourself to say what you love to do and what you feel like spending all of your time doing.

That can be sewing, cooking, gardening, helping with career competences assessment, teaching yoga, giving Excel courses…Ask yourself in what you would like to be useful.

I used to work in Human Resources in Paris before joining my husband in Belgium and then to Shanghai, China. I was not alone in finding out what I really wanted to do. With the help of my coach, I discovered that the work I had already considered but had hidden deep down in myself was to become a coach. That made sense because I adored self-help books for personal development, all things linked to personal changes and I had realized that my personal fulfillment came first and foremost from my work. That’s how I have trained and launched myself as a professional coach.

Who do you want to help?

We want to help everybody because we are deeply motivated to simply “help”. We do not want to chose. However, what you have to understand is that you can really become very good at what you do professionally focusing on a specific kind of customers. This way you will develop a real expertise. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to help a huge number of clients, many more than what you imagine.

What you also need to know is that your offer will develop with time.

Act to know your target group and create your offer

nomadic career Now it is time to let people know what you do, and that you want to help those who need your help in that. This step is important because besides bringing you clients, it will allow you to understand in what areas your services are really useful to your target group.

In order to generate an income, you must provide your target group with a solution. This way, they will understand that you are the right person to help them.

Locally, you can meet your clients at various kinds of events, lunches and dinners. Via the Internet, you can create your professional Facebook page to have a professional presence, and keep it alive by giving suggestions to your target group. I also encourage you to use LinkedIn or internet webinars to meet people who have already succeeded in doing what you want to do in order to project yourself positively.

Delphine Boileau-Terrien
June 2017


About Claudia Landini

Claudia is a certified intercultural trainer and life and mobile career coach with 28 years of experience abroad, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.