How ExpatWomen at Work was born…

The idea of building a community of professional women living abroad came to us shortly after launching Expatclic, our core website, and well before Linkedin and Facebook existed. Our means and experience were limited, though, and we chose to focus on other areas of support to women relocating all over the world.

Over the years Expatclic has steadily grown into a solid, all-encompassing and creative network that has helped hundreds of women and their families all over the world and in all aspects linked to relocating to a new culture.

Things, however, change fast. Today there are plenty of websites offering valuable help and information, and though we still believe Expatclic is the best :-), we have more time now to open up to new issues.

Nowadays women go through their experiences abroad with a different awareness and, most importantly, they have the means to take their lives abroad in their hands and to choose to continue their professional lives. Moving from one country to another, though, is a huge challenge for those women who want to work without interruption even if their careers and lives are subjected to immense change.

With ExpatWomen at Work we want to use the professional experience of the women of the Expatclic community to help others minimize the barriers that a mobile life puts on their careers, and to enhance the advantages it entails.


We offer a free platform where you can showcase your work, talk about it, connect with other professional expat women and ask their advice. You can look for like-minded professionals and hire them for a specific task, thus helping them advance in their career, while getting a service that responds to your needs as professional expatwoman.

We are a humble but warm and growing community, linked by the values that have distinguished Expatclic since its very first day: Sharing, Support, Community, Help and Empathy.

>>> To become a member of the community, all you have to do is to fill up this form and then send us a picture of you at our address. You can contact us if you have any question, doubt or curiosity. <<<

Enjoy the platform 🙂

Claudiaexpat & the team of Expatclic