A silent auction made by you

A silent auction made by you

To celebrate the first 13 years of life of Expatclic, we have organised a silent auction to raise funds for our beloved website and all of its satellite projects, including ExpatWomen at Work.

Look how generously the community of ExpatWomen at Work has contributed to the success of the silent auction.

Many of you might now know that ExpatWomen at Work is a project created, launched and nurtured by Expatclic.com, a global platform that for 13 years has been supporting expat women in all phases of their relocations. 13 years at the service of the expat women’s community, and somehow we managed to do it without ever having to charge a penny or add an ad to our websites. We are proud of this, and we want to continue to offer our time and projects free of charge to our members and readers.

We usually cover our costs with fundraising campaigns and voluntary membership fees and donations, but this year we wanted to do something more fun, something that could involve the whole or our beautiful community. We got the idea to organise a silent auction for Expatclic.

If you are not familiar with the concept of silent auction, visit our platform to find out how it works. When you do, you’ll realise that we would have never been able to create something like this without the generous input and participation of our community. But mostly and foremost, this has been possible because our community is made up of amazing women. Women who live abroad and yet learn to move in their host countries with surprising easiness. They learn how to work and thrive in their communities, or online. And how to put their experience at the service of their professional ideas. Some examples?

Karin Martin is an passionate linguist who lives in Austria, where she has set up a service of consultancies about multilingualism. For our silent auction she offers a Skype session on multilingualism

silent auctionPaola Fornari, who has moved in all directions all over the world, and who now lives in Ghana, offers two Skype sessions: one to improve writing skills, one to prepare a job interview or a presentation. You can also have a job interview training session with the legendary Shortlisted.

Ute, our lovely, experienced and skilled intercultural trainer based in the Netherlands, offers an intercultural training session (ever heard of this…? It is a wonderful way to acquire dexterity in navigating across cultures – and I would say across careers 🙂 ), and Rosanna Fiorenza, an Italian in Dublin, welcomes you to a A2 Level Italian course – but not the ordinary course!

Those who have written offer their books and e-books: our “volcano” Federica Marchesini, Italian in South Africa, has given her novel Afritalian, sweet Ursula offers her wonderful guide on Bucharest caravanserai (this you won’t get anywhere else but on our silent auction 🙂 ), while Minie shares her autobiographical book Stella in Australia.

Do you want fitness? How about a Pilates session with our wonderful Pilates Mama founder Claudia Mattana (and you can have it in person in Paris or via Skype!) or a yoga class with lovely Natalia Newel Eldon on the rooftops of Manila?

silent auctionShould you prefer a jewel to lift your spirit, we also have that: you can chose between the beautiful Roma bracelet offered by Gioiamia, or the lovely MuMoosh bracelet by talented Alessia Semeraro.

But then again, skills and creativity of our women know no boundaries, so you can opt for a tote bag by talented graphic designer Emma Bresola, Italian in Canada, an Italian lesson in Paris with Carla Cristofolis, or a week-end in the amazing Quinta Miraflores managed by our Barbara Bocci.

There are more items and services in our silent auction, and more will be added in the next days. Come back to visit us, bid, buy, visit our women’s profiles, help us keep this beautiful project alive. We thank you from the bottom of our mobile hearts 🙂


Claudia Landini
October 2017

About Claudia Landini

Claudia is a certified intercultural trainer and life and mobile career coach with 28 years of experience abroad, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.