Platero y yo

CD Minie Minarelli

Minie Minarelli introduces Platero y yo (Platero and I), a project come to light in 2011, thanks to the cooperation with her husband Ermanno Brignolo.

Life mates and jazz duo (Majazzter), Minie and Ermanno wished to expand their common artistic efforts towards the classical field. Ermanno is a renowned and appraised classical guitarist, Minie is a singer and actress: this led them to chose Platero y yo: who could better perform in concert such interesting work for guitar and acting voice?
Platero y yo is a set of pieces composed by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and based on the homonymous novel by the Spanish Nobel awarded literate Juan Ramón Jiménez. The novel is a deep and touching meditation about friendship, set in a timeless environment and developed through recounting the vicissitudes of the little donkey Platero and the poet his friend.
The Italian composer Castelnuovo-Tedesco picked 28 chapters out from the 132 of the novel and on them he weaved a refined and emotional musical comment that sometimes underlines the literary text, sometimes else takes a costar role in turns.
After refining and talking out the innate aspects of this astounding work, Minie Minarelli and Ermanno Brignolo decided to mark a turning point within this ambitious and exciting project by making a recording available both in Italian and in English, thus easing the diffusion of this unique masterwork also among those who are not familiar with the Spanish language.
Minie and Ermanno first performed their Platero y yo in concert in November 2011, while their recording has been released in January 2014 by the web label dotGuitar.
The Italian version is available at the following link:
The English version is available at the following link:

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