Professional identity

What is professional identity? How do we find it and maintain it? How do we bring it around in our multiple moves? A few days ago I led a group coaching session for the participants of my online course to build a portable career. I shared my insights on professional identity. I always like to start my […]

A silent auction made by you

To celebrate the first 13 years of life of Expatclic, we have organised a silent auction to raise funds for our beloved website and all of its satellite projects, including ExpatWomen at Work. Look how generously the community of ExpatWomen at Work has contributed to the success of the silent auction. Many of you might […]

A biodanza session in London

At ExpatWomen at Work we like to offer concrete help to our members whenever possible. This time the occasion was my birthday, which I chose to celebrate in London. I invited Laura, an Italian biodanza teacher in London and member of ExpatWomen at Work, to give a biodanza session for my birthday. It was an opportunity for […]

Pilates mama

On 27th March, on a beautiful sunny day in Paris, a group of Italian women of the community of met at Pause Poussette. We wanted to get to know each other, but also to give Claudia Mattana a chance to introduce her new project, Pilates Mama.   Claudia is a member of ExpatWomen at […]

An eclectic career

Living abroad can give you a lot of free-lance work opportunities. Read how Mercedes, a Spanish living in Milan, Italy, has shaped a very eclectic career in her host country.   I am Spanish, 56 years old, and I have been living in Milan for 27 years. Lately, I had to find a way to […]