I have always loved acting and singing and I started to learn these arts during the years of university studies. So, while I got my academic degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Bologna, Italy, 2006), I also graduated in Dubbing Acting at Accademia delle Arti Cinematografiche (Movie Arts Academy) in Bologna (2003-2004) and attended many other acting and singing courses, stages and workshops.
I acted in Italian musicals, in tv spots, in tv soap-opera and in cabaret shows and since 2006 I am lead vocal and percussionist of the jazz combo Majazzter. I sing both Jazz and Classical music and in October 2013 a cd, Platero and I, will be released by the digital label dotGuitar – in it I was recorded as voice over,  both in the Italian and English versions (in Duo with the guitarist M° Ermanno Brignolo).
As a showgirl I have presented many different events: fashion and beauty contests, festivals and stand-up comedies.
Moreover, in 2007 I  became an Italian Elocution teacher and a Communication and Public Speaking teacher (courses at the City of Asti and at PuntoPrimo Association in Italy). I am presently studying to become a Motivation Coach.