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Welcome to ExpatWomen at Work, the platform for ALL professional women living abroad!
For a decade Expatclic has been supporting women of various nationalities in the difficult task of reinventing themselves in a new country, a new culture, a new world.

In recent years, more and more women around the world expressed the need to be supported not only in dealing with their life abroad in general, but also to find a new place in the professional world. This platform is a way Expatclic chose to help these women.

It is called ExpatWomen at Work and it is a virtual community where expat women from all over the world can put their professional profile online, introduce their professional projects, get in touch with other women, potential colleagues or potential customers, offer their skills and build a network of relationships that is essential to reinvent yourself in a mobile life, also and foremost from a professional point of view.

You are welcome to add your profile to ExpatWomen at Work!

Some useful points:

WhatExpatWomen at Work is a virtual community platform, a showcase that collects profiles of women living abroad who have a precise professional project they want to share with business and/or personal contacts, online or in person.
We ask you to write your profile in English.
We will provide you with a model to follow to enter your information.

Who – In order to appear on the platform you must:
– be a woman,
– live abroad (in a different country from where you were born)
– provide a profile that describes your professional project

How – We give you a chance to put your professional profile online for free. We ask you to try the platform and, should you be happy with it, consider to make a small donation to Expatclic, or to become Honorary member to help us keep the project going.

Where – Participation is exclusively online through the platform.

Why – Because living in a globalized world means having the possibility to develop contacts with new tools. And we believe the network to be the right place.

Because one of the basic steps to rebuild a career abroad is to create a network of personal and professional contacts, as extensive and solid as possible.

Because we believe that women’s support through the network is an innovative, constructive and rewarding way to reinvent ourselves from a a personal and professional point of view.

Because Expatclic has been active for nine years and has built a strong solidarity network with expat women from all over the world on many issues related to life abroad. Some of our participants have already known each other and benefited from various professionals through the site, and we think it is beautiful to help our friends making these contacts.

We hope you’ll like the idea and decide to join us in this new and exciting adventure signed by Expatclic, the website of ALL expat women!

Contact us at expatwomenatwork@expatclic.com – we wait for you.

The Expatclic team

About Claudia Landini

Claudia is a certified intercultural trainer and mobile career coach with 27 years of experience abroad, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.